Introduction: Get To Know Aileen

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Picture of Me

Background of me

Background: Haiii, I'm Aileen~ 18 as of this year. I'm an introvert. I have always been the quiet girl, and only those I'm close with would actually see the side of me that talks more. As an introvert, I prefer solitude over crowds, but I do sometimes like to be around a close group of my friends. I'm also not much of a talker, as I'm bad at keeping conversations going or even starting them. Also, truth to be told, I'm a pretty awkward person. However, I am a great listener and I also prefer listening over talking.

My Dreams & Goals, Likes & Dislikes, Strengths & Skills

• I have a dream of being a psychiatrist one day, I would say it's my dream job. Reasons being that I like to help people, I have always been fascinated by psychology, and I hope to be able to use psychology to help people (especially those with mental illness).
• Another dream I have is to travel the world, but that's a bit unrealistic, so I would have to settle for some countries I really want to go to. The few places I really would like to have the opportunity to visit are: Japan, London, Maldives, and Paris.

• To be able to acheive my dreams.
• Or at least get a job I would enjoy, be able to support myself, and live a lifestyle I'm content with.

• My favourite colors are blue and grey.
• I really love photograpy and music.
• Some other things I like are sports, dance, and reading.
• My favourite food would be sushi, ice cream, (cheese)cakes, waffles, pancakes, bacon, and since I have a sweet tooth, a lot of sweet things (cotton candy, chocolates, gummy bears, etc...).

• I hate liars, and people who break their promises.
• I also can't stand bullies, or people who are ridiculously rude to others with no valid reasons.
• Public speaking, presentations, and crowds. They give me anxiety, and sometimes in worse cases, a panic attack.

• I'm a good listener.
• When I am determined to do something, I will make myself do it.

• Photography, even though I never took lessons, just a casual hobby.
• Dance, had been in several dance CCAs, and took some lessons before.